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Kate is from Sydney, Australia, and fell in love with running in 2012 when she decided, for no particular reason that she can remember, to run a marathon. That one goal turned into a love affair with running that keeps her sane during the day, and fuels the blog at night.

  • http://www.everybitcount.com robyn

    Wow, well done on your mountain bike ride – I foresee you becoming more enthusiastic in this department as the years pass!! I also cycled today 27 km – partly on and off road, got a PB too, must be all the Xmas eating! Jason is doing something really worthwhile I have forwarded your link to my Cyclist (also Jayson!).
    Great run too. Merry Christmas!!!

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Thanks Robyn – I think you might be right. Thanks for forwarding on the link. I rode with Jason again this afternoon, and the training program is in full swing!

  • http://Www.Facebook.com/alwaysrunningbutneverlate Jenna

    My mental Monday moment is finally being home and getting to spend time with my family!! It’s so nice for a break! Merry Christmas love!

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Merry Christmas Jenna, I hope it was amazing!

  • https://noshingonasphalt.wordpress.com/ Gina @ Noshing on Asphalt

    I want to join your running group!! Merry Christmas, Kate!!

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      You are welcome any time!

  • http://bean-justploddingalong.blogspot.com/ Bean

    Champagne is the best. I have never tried mountain biking mostly because I am a klutz and don’t want to do permanent damage to my face. I totally want to be in your running group! Seems like so much fun. My moment is my awesome family who is visiting. I am thankful they make the time and go through the effort of visiting us. Merry Christmas!
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    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      You are so on the money; both with the champagne and the bike. I am terrified I will lose each part of my anatomy.

  • http://www.sneakersandfingerpaints.com Kat

    So happy to be off work, I’m terrified to go back! I love virtual races! And where’s Mongolia? ;)
    Kat just wrote this amazing post: Motivational Monday: Featured Sneakers #12My Profile

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Oh work, you cruel beast! Mongolia is on the border of China :-)

  • http://backatsquarezero.com Abby @ BackAtSquareZero

    I say a sub 2 hour half is amazing. Great job. I have never run a virtual run before but just signed up for 5 by 5.
    I once ended a run at a candy store, chocolate shop sounds equally amazing, we are genius!

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Great minds think alike…

  • http://www.runnershoe.blogspot.com Jen

    Great job, I’ve done virtual races but they lack the competition since you often run alone :) I strive on racing with others!

    Merry Christmas
    Jen just wrote this amazing post: Running in 2012My Profile

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Thanks Jen! I definitely felt the lack of competition. You’re absolutely right.

  • http://caitchock.com/ cait the Arty Runnerchick

    1) YES to tons of chocolate!! :)
    2) we all have those days where the legs decide they will be like lead and the race turns into a strategy to make the most of wat u’ve got given the circumstances. from there, there are also days where u just go into survival mode and the goal is to get thru the run. so tell the OCD part of ur brain that hey, we had a not so awesome day, but it is in no way an indication of ur fitness.

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Thanks Cait, that helps!

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