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Kate is from Sydney, Australia, and fell in love with running in 2012 when she decided, for no particular reason that she can remember, to run a marathon. That one goal turned into a love affair with running that keeps her sane during the day, and fuels the blog at night.

  • jenna

    Im so proud of you and the amazing business that you have created! the lives that you are changing everday.. wow. just wow. you rock so hard. im so glad youre trusting in senor swiss ball right now even though it stinks. I am certain you are in great hands. love ya girl and hope to hear from you soon! xxoo

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Thank you so, so much dear!

  • http://www.runwithholly.com/blog/ Holly KN

    Honestly? At the moment? I’m excited about the prospect of ice cream after dinner, just because. I was traveling for two weeks, hosting visitors for over a week, and am now trying to catch up on everything that didn’t get done the last 3 weeks (also nurturing a nascent business over here myself!). I’m tired. BUT! I’m having ice cream after dinner. Then I’m going to bed. Is it wrong to be looking forward to that?

    I’ve restarted running after an injury, but never for form reasons. Although I have also, at various points in time, coached swimmers – and they OFTEN need to start over to correct form errors that have become really bad habits. So take it slowly, and steadily – and you WILL be back in top running form soon. Patience! :)
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  • http://fueledbylolz.com Hollie

    How did I miss that you were starting a buisness? I literally feel like I fell off the face of the earth with that? Amuse me and say you haven’t really posted about it. Ha. Anywho. We all need breaks from running though and this isn’t an injury break so I think it’s basically the best kind.
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    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      No! I haven’t posted much. In one or two posts there was a very small aside. You haven’t missed anything huge. Also, how dare you not know everything going on in my life?! Lol. A tutoring centre isn’t running related, so it doesn’t really get a mention, but it’s nice to post the occasional update. And holy crap I love my work.

  • http://busymamafitness.com/lets-rock-n-roll/ Rachel B @ Busy Mama Fitness

    Good for you for re-starting! That takes a lot of discipline to CHOOSE to go through. I had to re-start after I broke my foot. I spent the whole winter doing functional fitness, alignment work with Pilates and spin classes and when I was finally cleared to run again, I was a considerably stronger runner (though I’m still working to get speed back – not sure where that went? I can power up a hill like a bad ass now though).
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  • Dad

    Very proud of what you are doing. Love Dad

    PS. A week or so off running will help; not hurt.

  • http://www.TheTinyTerror.com Amy Lauren

    Like Hollie, I missed the memo that you were starting a business, but I’m glad it’s working out for you and I can see why you don’t have as much time to run! Really, running a business is super awesome and I admire people who start their own businesses so much. It’s a big leap of faith, kudos to you for taking it.

    I had to restart running after recovering from severe anemia. I had to start at the beginning pretty much, running maybe just 2x a week. It was tough, but I hung in there and surprisingly came back pretty fast. Your body hasn’t forgotten how to run. Just be patient and you’ll find that the progress comes quicker than you think at first.

  • Jenelle

    That is sooooo cool that you are loving your work and getting rewarded like that. These people are so lucky to have such a positive inspiration in their lives!!!!

    As for “restarting” good on you! Going back and making sure you have got a good foundation and building back slowly will only set you up for an injury free future :=). I am backing off the running and intensity and focusing on strength too at moment. Marathon training highlighted a few imbalances and niggles that I need to get on top off before I can ever reach the intensity and mileage I want! we want lots of updates with what you are doing its still all “runner training” ;)

  • http://backatsquarezero.com Abby @ BackAtSquareZero

    I’m not running at the moment either. Officially about to hit 2 weeks off. Sucks. We can not run together.
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  • http://www.living4impact.com/blogging4impact Nancy Guillery

    I’m off also for a few days due to shin splints….I negotiated with the physio for only a few days off so I ‘m not too off track with my training for the Montreal to New York City relay race…I’m hoping my 8x 10kms relays won’t be too painful!
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    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      It’s funny how we get really worked up about missing workouts. I think it shows how omitted we really are – the fear of not being committed and on task is worse than doing the hard yards. And yet, when the race starts, you go, no matte what.

      Best of luck!

  • http://thoroughlynourishedlife.com Amy

    At the moment I am excited about going away with Chris for the weekend! Going down the coast overnight and eating out, and just enjoying staying at a hotel (no making the bed – yay!!)
    I have re-started my running so many times! As you know at the moment I am re-starting my running journey and learning how my body reacts with this asthma thing. Slow progress and some days it feels like I am plodding along and not getting anywhere, but it’s one day at time, one step at a time, and just enjoying the journey along the way.
    Enjoy your week off and enjoy the journey of re-starting your running.
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  • http://www.candyfit.net Kierston @candyfit

    How exciting about your business!

    I stopped running after my half for about…hmmm…6-7 months. I got back into it about 2 months ago. Not often but I am running again :)
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