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Kate is from Sydney, Australia, and fell in love with running in 2012 when she decided, for no particular reason that she can remember, to run a marathon. That one goal turned into a love affair with running that keeps her sane during the day, and fuels the blog at night.

  • Jenelle

    Oh bring a bad week if it means free stuff from 2XU. Way cool. You have such awesome perspective! Enjoy your rainbow weeks. PS I think I need your chiro… He sounds ummm AWESOME :)

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Aw thanks! I don’t always have great perspective, but it’s nice to harness it when it’s there!

  • http://myrunlove.blogspot.com.au/ Belinda

    Nice one with the 2xu freebies! No good about being sick though. My crappy day is yet to come. It will be tomorrow when I have to represent a client at the tribunal… yuck yuck yuck – never mind. I can’t wait for the weekend and it’s still only Sunday!
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    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Oh no! How did it go?

  • jenna

    im so sorry you’ve been feeling so crappy, hun! I hope that youre taking enough time to relax and do some fun things for yourself!im feeling alittle bleh myself today thanks to “round two” starting this am. (you kno what I mean!) lOL. its a blessing and curse all together! ill PM you later.

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      OMG awesome!

  • http://www.runwiki.org Lisa @ RunWiki

    What is it about free stuff? It makes all of our woes melt away, yes? So sorry you had a tough week and so happy that you were rewarded with some goodies… 2XU choose the right girl to send them too!
    Lisa @ RunWiki just wrote this amazing post: Boston Marathon before the bombingMy Profile

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Oh my yes – it really does make everything better! And thanks Lisa :-)

  • http://www.living4impact.com/blogging4impact Nancy

    Free stuff!! That’s the best! Lucky you! Plus still managed to hit the hills and the elliptical, sounds pretty good to me! Keep it up!
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    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Thanks Nancy!

  • http://noshingonasphalt.wordpress.com/ Gina @ Noshing on Asphalt

    Booooooooo for a bad week. =/ But YAY for free (and completely awesome) swag!! I hope you feel much, much better now. I had acupuncture done when I was a teen to help alleviate migraines but I didn’t get sick from it at all.
    Gina @ Noshing on Asphalt just wrote this amazing post: My {brief} Love Affair with CrossFitMy Profile

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Aw shucks! Thanks Gina. I’m pretty certain it wasn’t the acupuncture :-) – I’m just revving up my long-suffering chiro.

  • http://www.runnershoe.blogspot.com Jen

    After my past bad week I’m hoping for some unexpected mail to arrive too :) Our week was filled with illness, stress and lots of final school work, yuck! I was rewarded by 80 degrees and sun finally today :)
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    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      You most definitely deserve it! Alright everyone, time to send Jen some mail :-D . Glad you got some sunshine, and holy crap I have no idea how you fit everything in!

  • http://www.runwithholly.com/home/blog/ Holly KN

    Oooh…tough call. Stomach ickies vs. Free running stuff.

    Decisions, decisions.

    [Although not really a decision for me at all, so no problem. NO STOMACH ICKIES HERE, PLEASE!]

    Also, 2XU is unlikely to send me any goodies, as I kinda bashed their race here last month…Ooops!

    Anyway – here’s to hoping some 2XU goodies kick off a week of rainbows and, as Cait would probably say, UNICORNS! =)
    Holly KN just wrote this amazing post: Awesome/Less Awesome: Orlando to SingaporeMy Profile

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Note to self – no stomach ickies for Holly. Cool.

      And hell yes to unicorns. Though Monday kind of failed. I guess there’s always Tuesday…

  • http://caitchock.com/ Cait the Arty Runnerchick

    sorry u’ve had a crappy week but i’m glad u’re able to take it in stride and regain perspective. u had a HUGE high after that race, let that keep on riding on. puking, not so fun, but in the longterm it will ‘pay off’ and u’ll be feeling better for it.
    and ya, SWAG, will always pick me up, heck, i could have been shot…give me some swag and i’ll be a little less pissed…lol.
    things will only be picking up girl!

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