The Dream Team

The Dream Team


Kate is from Sydney, Australia, and fell in love with running in 2012 when she decided, for no particular reason that she can remember, to run a marathon. That one goal turned into a love affair with running that keeps her sane during the day, and fuels the blog at night.

  • Kat

    Recovery is the hardest part of a workout program eh?
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  • Hollie

    So much pumpkin seriously. How do you like those recovery tights? I’ve always wondered about them and if they really work wonders as every states. Those needles just sound painful…I literally just cringed reading that.
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    • Kate

      I’m not so fussed about the whole recovery thing. If I need to recover, then I’m already in a hot shower eating chocolate bars – i.e. clearly not doing the one or two things that might actually improve m body’s capacity to not hurt like hell.

      The tights, on the other hand, are pretty sweet. The waist bugs me a bit (I do NOT need a reminder of last night’s chocolate very time I put them on) but they stay put, keep me warm, and make my legs look awesome, according to me.

      Are you into compression gear at all?

  • Amy Lauren

    That’s a big dream team… but at least you’re taking care of yourself. Hopefully running will improve soon enough. That’s a whole lot of pumpkin too, I’m not really into pumpkin in the spring and summer but I do love it in the Fall :) . I guess that’s why you’re loving it down in the Southern hemisphere, hehe. Good to see you on my reader again :) .

    • Kate

      I swear it sounds bigger than it is. And, to be perfectly honest, ‘m a guinea pig for Senor Swiss Ball – it’s not really a commercial arrangement.

  • Abby @ BackAtSquareZero

    A nutritionist??? WoW!
    I need one of those.
    Or just one of you to come beat me when I eat 3x a normal serving or put shit in my mouth!
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    • Kate

      Hahaha! I think you get a free pass after MARATHONING.

  • Mum

    Kate Elizabeth! You need to find time to clean your room!

  • Jenelle

    oh Oh. You in BIG trouble. I only bust out Little A’s middle name when he’s in a WORLD OF TROUBLE ;)

    I love the coloured 2XU – so cool!

    Your dream team sounds great. I bet it gives you a lot of confidence knowing all these people got your back.

    The only thing missing from my dream team is a coach and a COOK. Oh I would love a cook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    • Kate

      Haha! A cook would be awesome. Mr The Rake goes all right, but imagine just waking up and saying ‘I’m kind of in the mood for chicken today. But it has to be salty’ and then having someone just DO that.

  • jenna

    if I had a dream team, all I would need was a personal chef who know exactly what I needed to eat when I needed to eat it and would buy all the food and cook it up for me!! I hate trying to figure all that out. how much is enough? how much is too much? ehhh… what a pain. so glad you’ve got yourself a great team though!! you sure deserve it! will be PM ing you later! love you !!!

    • Kate

      I <3 your PM, and there’s so much great stuff going on for you!

  • Amalia


    I just got mine established too. Although they are currently pricey (esp. physio) I know one day they will be there in the background IF I need them :)
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    • Kate

      I love the sound of your dream team. But mostly your health system!

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