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Kate is from Sydney, Australia, and fell in love with running in 2012 when she decided, for no particular reason that she can remember, to run a marathon. That one goal turned into a love affair with running that keeps her sane during the day, and fuels the blog at night.

  • Lisa @ RunWiki

    Congratulations on receiving your degree, now I know who to call when I get thrown in jail.
    I saw your picture yesterday, I thought it was clever. It’s always good to piss people off though, brings more traffic to your site… keep those photos coming! I don’t run with a Camelback unless I am running over 10 miles on a trail where there is no water available. However, everyone is different, I try to respect that.
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    • Kate

      Bahaha! I love the idea of a long distance jail call. Plead self-defence – always!

  • jenna

    ehhh, i think so many times people get way too worked up and offended by stupid things. they need to relax a bit. you look adorable in your graduation garb. i love how you do the “today’s moment” i think thats way super cute. oh and a new student?! thats super exciting! you are doing amazing things, my love! xxoo

  • Debbie @ Live from La Quinta

    Congratulations, Ms. Lawyer! I’m so happy for you!

    I have never used a camelback, even though I own a few. For long runs I always carry a handheld. I do get a kick out of seeing people wearing one for short distances. We had one boy in cross country that wore his during practice, even for shorter runs. It was summer and about 90 degrees, though, so he was probably the smart one.
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    • Kate

      I bet he ran a little faster when he took it off for races! I’ve know a few people who’ve switched to handhelds – I might have to check it out.

  • Mary

    Congrats on your degree Kate! You know, I love a bit of Rick Astley (I’m married to him after all – well – not exactly Rick himself, but hubby is still a sad 80′s man!). I love the headband – I’m actually looking for a motivational medal holder with a similar saying (hopefully Santa will bring me something, I have been a good girl!).

    Re the camelbak – I can’t really comment because my longest distance thus far has been 9k! I do know that I can easily run 5 miles without hydration – though sometimes it’s nice to have a drink if it’s on hand ;) . But it’s not worth people getting offended about it! I have heard about people bringing energy gels on 5k races – I know I’m just a beginning, but I think that takes the biscuit!
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    • Kate

      Thanks Mary! I like the sound of your own personal Rick ;-) . 9km is huge! Congrats. Do we see a half in your future?

  • Liz

    The question is, do those that wear camel backs care what others think? They probably do give a S@$%. :) I have never used one. They look like they would be heavy. I am already caring around my fair share of extra weight. :)
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    • Kate

      You are gorgeous! When I o on a really long run, I occasionally get stupid comments and jeers about my pack. Believe me, I don’t care at all :-) . I just want my powerade!

  • Bean

    Congrats on all that official paper & looking good as a wizard;)! The camelback thing is funny. On my wish list is one so that when I am marathon training I can have water, snacks, phone, magazine for when I get tired and decide to take a break….J/K sort of, etc when I wonder off for multiple miles. But anything under five miles for me doesn’t require a hydration plan- unless it is hot out:).
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    • Jarrod Mast DOT me

      interested in what pack you had in mind if any – the packs I’ve used did not have room for extra things other than some gels and the bladder itself..?

    • Kate

      Love this list. Maybe we need running sherpas?

  • Mindy @Road Runner Girl

    Congratulations on that degree Kate!!!!! So proud of you!!!!
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  • Jenelle @ mummy lovesto run

    Yay for being an official Lawyer and awesome about new student.

    No camelbak for me. I have a fuel belt I use for 90mins plus but only if Big A can’t come out on the bike and be my water boy ;=)

    Complete oveerkill running with a camelbak for 5k. Unless you are planning on racing with it and want to do all your training with it. Each to their own I guess.

    Enjoy your Long Run!!!
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  • Jarrod Mast DOT me

    Congrats on your level-up! I hope the boss-battle wasn’t too hard!! :-D

    On the note of long runs and hydration, I could probably write an essay on it lol.. But I run with fuel belt for 10k plus depending on my course as its nice to carry emergency supplies. I’d rather come home with a full fuel belt than be 5k from home and dieing lol.

    As for camelback, I have one, Ran my first Run Melbourne (see header on my blog) with the camelback. As well as training I used it in races just to avoid the slowdown at drink stations, being able to go wide and run through drink stops was heaps better!

    I switched to fuel belt as it was a lot easier to access, lighter, and can refill on the run. The problem I had with camelback was that because it is on your back you have two issues, your back gets hot and the liquid in the bladder gets warm. So when you get down to the last of the fluid its usually much warmer than you’d like!!
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  • Abby @ BackAtSquareZero

    Maybe it is the distance runner in us… I laughed when I saw someone using a gel at my last 10K. Really?!? REALLY?!?
    A camelback on a short race would make me crack up too.
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  • Cait the Arty Runnerchick

    awesome headband and even COOLER that u’re rocking some insanely far km’s!! i can’t WAIT to hear all about it girl, and i’m not sure with time zone if u’re done yet, but if u did: i’m sure u kicked major @$$ and if not then u know i’m giving my vote of confidence and cheering u on!
    oh and i LUV the robe pix…seriously, u have so much to be proud of!
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    • Kate

      Oh dear, I wasn’t very good, but what I did get done was solid. And thanks!

  • TorontoRunner

    I looooooooooooove the grad pictures!! woohoooo! congrats my dear. Smarty pants!! What a huge accomplishment :D

    I’m a noooo on the camelback!
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    • Kate

      Thanks lovely :-)

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