I’ve been waiting for you (half marathon recap)

I’ve been waiting for you (half marathon recap)


Kate is from Sydney, Australia, and fell in love with running in 2012 when she decided, for no particular reason that she can remember, to run a marathon. That one goal turned into a love affair with running that keeps her sane during the day, and fuels the blog at night.

  • http://sneakersandfingerpaints.com Kat

    WOW way to kill it girl! Halfs are my fave!
    Kat just wrote this amazing post: #BostonStrongTampa RunMy Profile

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Thanks Kat!

  • http://www.runnershoe.blogspot.com Jen

    Great job! I love halfs too :) SOmetimes running “naked” is the key to great races ;)
    Jen just wrote this amazing post: Vegetarian Challenge Continues and Bean/Veggie EnchiladasMy Profile

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Thanks Jen – and yes, I had no idea you coul do well without all the tech :-D

  • http://swimbikerun1406.blogspot.ca/ Mari

    Wow, serious speedster! Definitely the half is my favourite distance, but I’m running the marathon on May 5th. I don’t think I’ve ever run a race naked before, but I have a 5K on Saturday that I’m considering running without my Garmin.

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Oo, how did the 5km go? I love reading race recaps, so I’m definitely looking forward to your marathon one. And I’m excited for you! A week out now – how do you feel?

      • http://swimbikerun1406.blogspot.ca/ Mari

        I didn’t write up a race re-cap, but I did it in 23:18, a PB for me and enough to win my age group. Marathon in three days and I’m getting a touch anxious about it.
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        • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate


  • http://michelelash.tumblr.com Michele

    Great race, Kate!!!! Nice pace!
    Michele just wrote this amazing post: Run streak or junk miles?My Profile

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Thanks Michele!

  • http://fueledbylolz.com Hollie

    UMM wow that is brutal and I can’t even imagine. I can’t even imagine running so close and then having that 1k to go. I would have also been extremely torked off. Great job and half marathons are certainly my favorite distance by far.
    Hollie just wrote this amazing post: The ScaleMy Profile

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Glad I’m not the only one thinking that it’s evil! I love reading your half recaps. Got a few coming up soon> It’s the perfect procrastination!

  • jenna

    check you out girl!!! what a great time! way to rock it! love you!! :o D

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Thanks so much Jenna. ANd again, that email is coming. I want to do it justice!

  • http://www.living4impact.com/blogging4impact Nancy Guillery

    Wow! Great job! Goes to show that you never know how a race will turn out.
    Nancy Guillery just wrote this amazing post: Being in the Moment: Enjoying the PresentMy Profile

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Thanks Nancy! You’re right. I think our minds seal the deal more often than our legs.

  • http://sealsonthemove.blogspot.com Cecilia

    Well done Kate! I’ve always had a displeasure for courses with multiple loops – but if I like doing half marathons (and I’ll be doing my first in a few weeks), I suppose it’s something I’m going to have to deal with!
    Cecilia just wrote this amazing post: A midweek run with The Running CompanyMy Profile

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Thanks so much Cecilia – not all halfs have loops. You’ll have to suss out the good ones! This one was odd because they run a monthly race where you can do a 5, 10, half or 30km. For a local race, I should just suck it up :-) .

      I’m excited for you with the half! Checking in to read about it now…

  • http://tri-ingtobeathletic.com TriGirl

    Oh man, that’s a rough last kilometre! But holy moly what a finish time! I have a half on Sunday–so excited!
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  • http://www.rebeccaroams.com beka @ rebeccaroams

    A FRICKIN MAZING Kate!!!! That is a fantastic time :) I think that going “naked” really takes a lot of the pressure we put on ourselves during a race to stick with a pace/time/feeling. Also that last 1km loop is a really cruel joke. Gross. So far Halfs are my fave distance too… although a fast 5k with good speed training isn’t far off either :)
    beka @ rebeccaroams just wrote this amazing post: On Not Being Present…My Profile

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Thanks so much Beka! I loved this run so much, and I was actually thinking of my runner friends in the blog world as I went. Much love x

  • http://backatsquarezero.com Abby @ BackAtSquareZero

    #HolyCRAP You are fast! Liek I knew you were fast, but wow. I can’t forms words.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero just wrote this amazing post: A Long, Bumpy RoadMy Profile

  • http://busymamafitness.com/friday-love/ Rachel B @ Busy Mama Fitness

    Hooray! It is letting me comment! Congrats on NOT sharting! Ha! And thank you for that belly laugh. And WOW you ran that fast!!!
    Rachel B @ Busy Mama Fitness just wrote this amazing post: Friday LoveMy Profile

  • http://thoroughlynourishedlife.com Amy

    Dear lordie Miss Kate! You are one fast lady! I now have another feat to add to my list of why you are a super hero in my mind :)
    So, if you race at the Gold Coast this year, will you wait for me? I’ll be about 30mins behind you…
    Congratulations on an awesome race, and finding your perfect distance :)
    Amy just wrote this amazing post: Nourished Life Gratitude List Week FiveMy Profile

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Bahahaha, we’re going to have some serious fun up there!

  • http://www.runwithholly.com/blog/ Holly KN

    Hahahah. Love being able to use people like Green Guy and Pink Belt to keep motivation high! :)

    I don’t think I’ve ever raced naked, but I do a fair bit of trail running/racing, and sometimes that might as well be naked, since the terrain and elevation are so variable, you never know what to expect, pace-wise.

    I recently did a half marathon that ended almost the same way – 500 m out and back to the finish. And that was in the blazing sun, and merging with a sea of 10K runners, too. It. Was. Icky. Physically – AND MENTALLY! So I hear ya. Believe me, I hear ya!

    Awesome race, though – an unexpected PR is always a terrific bonus! :)
    Holly KN just wrote this amazing post: Awesome/Less Awesome: Orlando to SingaporeMy Profile

  • http://caitchock.com/ Cait the Arty Runnerchick

    FU#K YEA!!! love on so many levels, try not to be epic here in replying:
    1) power to running naked, think we have a breakthru for u there
    2) AWESOME way to pick people and reel them in, ‘zone out’ and keep the race focus
    3) finishing picture…u effing went all out, i’m SOO pumped and proud of u! not just for so fast but because i think mentally u had a HUGE breakthru…u’re tougher than u thought. :)

    • http://www.runwithkate.com Kate

      Thanks Cait! It was a pretty great day. One of those times where everything went to plan.

  • http://livetraveleatandrun.com Amalia

    AMAZING! What a great time, and sounds like a fantastic race. I want to get out and run so baddddd
    Amalia just wrote this amazing post: #EnvisionIt – Final ChapterMy Profile

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