It’s all meat

It’s all meat


Kate is from Sydney, Australia, and fell in love with running in 2012 when she decided, for no particular reason that she can remember, to run a marathon. That one goal turned into a love affair with running that keeps her sane during the day, and fuels the blog at night.

  • vera

    A high fat diet… I can totally see that working for me. Also, yes, gelato is indeed amazeballs. Your phone battery is low.

    • Kate

      I did think of that when the post went live! Glad I have a gelato friend!!

  • Scott Leach

    A recent Indiana University study in to the best thing to ingest after running concluded that it was……wait for it…….Chocolate milk!!!!!! I don’t care if it’s true or not, I am going to believe that until I die!! I do try to watch what I eat as I am inclined to grow in all directions if I don’t and carrying extra pounds doesn’t help when you’re trying to lower your PB.I haven’t really found my favourite running foods yet because I’ve been too lazy, but I do like clif products and so far nothing has seemed to upset my stomach on a run

    • Kate

      Oh my, chocolate milk, how could I forget?! And yes, I do believe that’s true :-) . You lucky thing that nothing has upset you on a run! What’s your favourite distance?

      • Scott Leach

        I definitely, definitely, did not just read another article trashing the chocolate milk theory because it’s highly processed dairy. No I didn’t. Nuh uh. Fave distance is a very tough one. I’ve only done one marathon but the sense of achievement was immense. Going sub 40 for 10k was a very proud moment, but actually, rather than distance, I think I prefer place; give me a run in the Yorkshire countryside or the lake district any day, never mind how far it is

  • Amy

    Oh, thank you for the sweet shout-out lady! I will have to get my butt into gear and send you some recipes :)
    My favourite post-run food changes with every race I train for I have found, but a perennial favourite is banana + muesli + yoghurt – can’t beat that! Otherwise, I love avocado or peanut butter on crackers.
    I generally watch what I eat, but I try not to go too exact about it because I have learned that for me that triggers a bad relationship with food.

    As for high protein, not really my thing. I’m a vegetarian so while I do concentrate on quality plant-based proteins (gotta love my chickpeas) and dairy protein (fat free yoghurt and cottage cheese are my picks), I mostly just focus on getting a wide variety of macronutrients. That being said I think everyone has to figure out what works for their body. For me a gluten free vegetarian diet has lead to a happy tummy, which means a happy Amy, and helped me to lose weight and heal my relationship with food – and as we both know I certainly don’t miss out on the yummy things.
    Good luck with your new eating plan, if you keep beating those PBs it definitely must be working!

  • jenna

    love that youre getting yourself on a healthy track monitored by the senor! im working hard for balance right now getting everything in from the carbs to the meat to the dairy to the fats etc. for me, I just gotta make sure to get it all in! lol. great job, my lovie!! <333

    • Kate

      Good on you for getting the balance right for you! I have to confess I am loving it right now. I feel good and I’m being careful not to go too crazy and strict :-) . Are you loving life at the moment?

  • Abby

    This rant…. would you like to buy my protein shakes that I sell through a pyramid scheme and by the way would you like to start your own business selling protein shakes path
    Amazing. I get too many emails that look a lot like this. I am now directing them to you.

    I am still working on adding more protein and finding a balance that includes less junk. However, one cannot live without desserts.

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