If you love something set it free – Guest Post by Tanya Simpson

If you love something set it free – Guest Post by Tanya Simpson

Tan has run four marathons - New York, Paris and Melbourne twice. Right now, she is training for Majorca, Spain in October. Sometimes, well, most of the time, she loves running.

Tan's philosophy is that it should be full of fun, great people and amazing experiences - whenever possible. She loves to travel, hang out with friends, try new places for brunch, write, and of course, run. Everything is better with peanut butter - everything!

  • Amy

    The hunger to run when you can’t is always insatiable, and I am so glad that you have rediscovered that hunger now that you can run again! When running becomes part of your soul you only realise how important it is when you finally get back into it.
    I have recently felt a bit blaugh when it comes to cooking. I haven’t resorted to take away (difficult with my food allergy requirements) but my experimentation and excitement for cooking has certainly faded. I am going to set myself free in the kitchen this week and just rediscover the pleasures of making something more than salad, or baked beans on toast :)
    Good luck with your training!

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