The half marathon that was…well…done (Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2013)

The half marathon that was…well…done (Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2013)


Kate is from Sydney, Australia, and fell in love with running in 2012 when she decided, for no particular reason that she can remember, to run a marathon. That one goal turned into a love affair with running that keeps her sane during the day, and fuels the blog at night.

  • Beth

    I ran Blackmores on Sunday (#4 HM for me) and had a similar tale of woe. My training had been going great up until 3 weeks out, when I got gastro that lasted a week. Managed to get over that, only to get the worlds worst cold last week. Even though I wasnt better, I still ran Sunday, and had an awful, stop-start almost 2 hours of pain. Just felt awful and wrong the whole race. Somehow managed 1:56 and am still trying to get over it (and am still freakign sick – if anything – worse!).

    • Kate

      Solidarity fist bump right here Beth! Good on you for ploughing through. It must have been so uncomfortable! But we’re runners, right? So what’s next?

      • Beth

        Helps knowing I wasnt the only one having a shitty day out!. It sucked. So much. After how crap I felt Sunday, I wanted to never run again…however Ive already booked myself in for a few more things so no escape! Im doing an 8km trail race (my first real trail running) in October (Canberra) and Im doing the Shepparton Half Ironman as part of a team (Im doing the run leg) in November. Hoping to have the race I wanted to have Sunday, at that. Im impressed at your 1:52 time given things didnt go to plan for you.

  • Peta

    Hey Kate! I haven’t commented for ages so thought it was time. I also ran the Blackmores Half Marathon on Sunday (first time ever and I actually hadn’t managed to get in a 21 before the race so it also happens to be the furtherest I’ve ever run). My lead up runs like Beth’s sadly – I signed up back in April and actually trained (which is a feat in itself through a Canberra winter) then got terrible gastro 3 weeks out, for about a week and a half. I’d just managed to pick up the energy to run 11km the weekend before the race so had no confidence in my ability to make it! But I did actually run all the way without stopping, coming in just over 2 hrs! So proud! Hope Sydney is treating you well and congrats on the race, even though it didn;t go as you’d planned!

    • Kate

      Oh Peta! Congrats – big time. Also, I’m so excited that you ran it :-D . That’s an amazing time. So, when are we going to go for a run?!

  • Holly @ Run With Holly

    So many questions! I (obviously) did not run the BSRF race. However, I’ve had my share of doozies. A number of years ago, I ran a half-marathon a few weeks after running a marathon. The marathon hadn’t gone as planned, so I thought I’d have a bit more spunk in my legs for the half. I started strong, ran 6 good miles, and promptly…wanted to DIE. The last 6 felt like they took an eternity. It wasn’t pretty…and to make matters worse, it was a race in my hometown, I had a reputation as being rather speedy, and had lots of folks that I coached out on the course to witness my crumble. Not pretty. But heck, gotta take the hard ones right along with the good ones. And you’re absolutely correct: If the biggest issues I have in life are crappy races, then I have a darn good life!

    • Kate

      I LOVE your honesty. There’s always that sense of pressure with people watching, and when it doesn’t happen…you just gotta get through, right?!

  • Amy Lauren Scott

    I’ve had some crazy races, the worst was when I was severely anemic and hadn’t really figured that out yet (low hemoglobin + nonexistent ferritin). I took a ton of walk breaks and was so hot I poured water on myself. Well, turns out it messed up my ipod, the water did! It was a nightmare… but I ended up doing that race for the next 3 years! Now I think about that 5K when I get to mile 10 at half marathons, thinking “Oh, remember you did that 5K when you were super sick and anemic? Well you can do it now, better”. It almost serves as a training tool for me when I really need to pull out 100%!

    • Kate

      Wow – yeah, that would be an amazing race strategy. I think you do need the lows from time to time! And guess who’s about to hit the marathon?!

  • Blackmores

    Hi Kate! We’re so happy you enjoyed race day. Congraulations on your run and thank you for all your support! x

    • Kate

      So much love to you guys! The race really was a blast, and I’m looking forward to the next one.

  • Jenelle

    Oh man sounds like a rough run but if you can pull times like that on a bad run – watch out!

    I have officially tacked Sydney on to my marathon list but thinking it’ll be 2 years away. But I’ll come sans kids so can pasta party the night before and MARGHERITA party after. You in? ;=)

    • Kate

      Um Hells yes!!!

  • debbielq

    Sometimes you just need to be happy you finished. Not a bad time, though. On my last half I also forgot my sports bra (see, you are not alone my dear). Even worse, I only brought one regular bra, so I had to kind of air dry it while I was showering, then put it back on. Not pleasant.

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