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Kate is from Sydney, Australia, and fell in love with running in 2012 when she decided, for no particular reason that she can remember, to run a marathon. That one goal turned into a love affair with running that keeps her sane during the day, and fuels the blog at night.

  • Amy

    I have a love/hate relationship with structure. I crave it when it comes to my workouts and running training. I am the nerdy runner with a calculator working out exact speeds for repeats and such. I know.
    When I am travelling I am the exact opposite. I try not to plan too much, which drives my mother crazy because she never knows exactly where I am going to be, because I want to be able to experience everything as I see it, in the moment and make changes when I want to.
    I think I’ve been yakking on enough about my next running goal: the Cadbury Half (only 66 days away – eek!). Other goals for 2013: Running the Gold Coast Half (ahem Kate… :) ), having a great time at my internship (details to come) and finishing my Master’s degree!
    Scary to think that the New Year really isn’t that far away…
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    • Kate

      I love the calculator! I am so excited about the Cadbury for you. And stupidly jealous. If I could get there – I would!

      The GC half is so happening – I was talking to superwoman about this today. I’m going to add extra long runs to my 10km plan so I can have the best of both worlds ;-) .

  • Jenelle

    congrats, on the new job. I’m jealous…sounds like something I would like :)
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    • Kate

      Thanks Jenelle – I’m thoroughly enjoying myself so far. As part time work goes, it’s pretty perfect!

  • Jenna

    Omg!!! The picture will never get old!! ;0) I am in love with structure and planning. I have to watch myself sometimes bc I can definitely be borderline anal! Planning and structure is awesome, but I have to remember its ok to just wing it too!! I hope that your first day on the job goes well! xxoo

    • Kate

      Haha! Thanks Jenna, it was great. And I know we can be a bit scarily similar in setting goals and taking them too far!

  • Mindy @Road Runner Girl

    Congrats on the job girl! Sounds perfect!!! And I love structure too…my life runs much more smoothly that way lol! As far as getting a faster 10K….speed work, speed work, speed work! ;-)
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    • Kate

      Thank you – and yes, I totally agree – speed work all the way!

  • Kat

    I LOVE structure! I’m your American OCD sister ;) congrats on the new job!
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    • Kate

      Yay for OCD sisterhoods! This is so cliche, but you being all right-brain and what not, I’m kind of surprised that you are so structured.

  • Jen

    Hahaha I am the opposite, I hate structure! I strive on chaos (as long as I am in control)! Might be why I spent so many years working in trauma surgery :)
    Congrats on the new job :) Sounds perfect. Training for a 10K is so much different then a marathon, speedwork is the key, have fun :)

    • Kate

      Maybe you can teach me some chaos tips! Speedwork it is. Thanks Jen!

  • Kayla

    Hmmm… 10k speed. I found that running the longer distances and pushing myself at those paces really helped me with the 10k. If I could run a pretty hard 9 mile training run – then race day with a 10k didn’t feel bad and I ended up with a monster (for me) of a PR! :)

    I also love structure and am starting to really get into a routine too!

    • Kate

      I love this tip – after all the advice and some research, I’m going with an interval set, a speed set, and a long run (I still want to do a couple of halfs, just because I’m nuts). I think those longer runs will make the 10km better. Thanks Kayla!

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