2xu and Oakley Review

2xu and Oakley Review


Kate is from Sydney, Australia, and fell in love with running in 2012 when she decided, for no particular reason that she can remember, to run a marathon. That one goal turned into a love affair with running that keeps her sane during the day, and fuels the blog at night.

  • http://www.TheTinyTerror.com/ Amy Lauren Scott

    I’m not a sunglasses wearer when I run and like you I have a small face. But sometimes the bigger ones are better, at least they are offering more protection to your eyes rather than some little small pair would, right?

    We sell the 2xu gear at the running store whose club I run for and the tri gear sells really well I’ve heard, if it works for multiple sports, that’s even better, and the pants look good on you. I have the opposite issue with pants, as my capri pants fit like those pants fit on you- only a little bit of my shin shows! But it can be useful for times when you want to wear pants rather than shorts on a run.

  • Holly K-N

    Hey hey! Welcome back. I see that lots of exciting things are going down. Excellent! :)

    I adore compression. And I think we’ve discussed this before – but 2XU is my less-favorite compression. At least, the shorts I got with a race entry (admittedly, perhaps not the *top* of the line brand…) are not too awesome. In fact, their spandex is see through, so I can only wear them topped by a SECOND pair of shorts. This is less than ideal, seeing as how I already dirty at least 2 full outfits of workout gear on most days.

    CWX is my (American) brand of choice – although their tights do the same thing to me. My solution was to but a few pairs of high quality, dark colored, longer wool trail/hiking socks. Mine are Darn Tough, but any similar brand would work. Buy them in black, put them on before the tights, and only YOU realize that socks, not tights, are covering your ankles. Also? If the string bugs you, just pull it out. It’s unlikely you actually NEED it to hold the compression gear up (if so, it’s not that compressive), so away it goes. [Someone had to make the same suggestion to me recently. It was an embarrassing lightbulb moment...]

    My preferred head/eye sun protection is a cap, but I do wear sunglasses if I’ll be out on the roads during a sunny time. However, I hate wearing sunnies on the trail; too hard to see the ground. I often wear them trailrunning….stuck on my head. :)

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